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The program stores the calculated output as a comma separated file (sorry for my inconsistencies with file types -- the daily data files are labeled as .csv but they are really .tsv files) in a ProgramData sub-directory corresponding the to category and the name of the time series.

Each window length will create its own .csv file. For example, 52 days for TSLA will create a file called TSLA52days.csv.

Each of these files has the following header:

Period, Date, Value

The Period is the number index of the calculated value.

The Date is the date of The Bubble Index value corresponding with the time series.

The Value is the calculated value of The Bubble Index.

Each folder should contain a *dailydata.csv file. This is a two column tsv file with the date in the first column and the price time series in the second column. The date format is: YYYY-MM-DD

To run a single window length, simply input that number, ex. 1764, into ALL of the window length boxes.

As part of the algorithm and to make The Bubble Index values comparable for all price trajectories, all price time series are adjusted internally to begin at 100. Thus, all values of the same window are comparable. In other words, TSLA512days.csv values can be directly compared with DJIA512days.csv.

If for any reason an error or problem repeatedly occurs simple delete the .csv files and start over with the Update All button.

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